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Vegan for the Animals? Here are 5 EASY Ways to Help Them

There are so many amazing reasons to go vegan, from the health benefits to the environmental impact. But ultimately, the most convincing argument for eliminating animal products from your diet is ethical. Lots of people say that they went vegan for the animals. If you’re wondering why, here’s the short answer. By living a vegan lifestyle you’ll save many animals from suffering in factory farms, and laboratories, and from being killed as pests.

The current state of animal welfare

There are millions of animals used for animal testing in the United States every year. These animals suffer greatly in these tests, as they are often exposed to harsh chemicals or conditions that would never be used on humans. The fact that these animals are not protected by the Animal Welfare Act makes their suffering even worse.

More than 100 million animals suffer in labs every year due to chemical and drug testing on the skin, eyes, stomachs, and other sensitive areas of their bodies. Like all of us, these animals experience pain and suffering when subjected to painful procedures without any pain medication.

In addition to laboratory testing, factory farming is another industry that causes great suffering to billions of animals around the world every year. Factory farming refers to an industrialized system of producing food through animal agriculture. This industry has been responsible for increasing the production of meat and dairy products at an alarming rate due to its focus on efficiency and profit over animal welfare.

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Is going vegan for the animals that important?

There are many reasons to become vegan. For many people, the top three reasons are health, the environment, and animals. All three of these issues are very important, but lots of people choose veganism for the animals and because of ethics.

Here’s how being vegan can help you do your part for animal welfare.

Save hundreds of animals per year. To put it simply, every single piece of meat and animal product you remove from your plate means an animal was not raised and killed for you. Most meat-eaters eat around 500 animals in their lifetime.

Help stop cruel factory farming practices. Every single form of animal agriculture involves cruelty in some form or another. Factory farms use cruel methods like debeaking and dehorning without painkillers to prevent the chickens from killing each other or destroying property during transport. In addition to that, many farmworkers abuse animals at factory farms and slaughterhouses (because most forms of animal agriculture are completely unregulated).

How can we help animals?

Love animals but don’t know how to help them? Here are 5 easy ways to help animals that anyone can do.

  • Buy only cruelty-free products
  • Get involved with volunteering opportunities
  • Sign petitions for animal rights issues
  • Start or join a campaign group
  • Spread the word about animal suffering

Veganism is a way to show compassion to the animals we share this planet with. It’s a form of non-violent direct action that helps end their suffering. It’s an act of rebellion against the speciesist systems that exploit them for profit. In short, it’s about animal liberation.

We have to realize that the animals used in factory farms and laboratories are intelligent, emotional beings. They are social beings with personalities, and they have as much desire to live their lives as we do. They feel fear, love, joy, and grief, just as we do. We can help the millions of animals that are killed every day to be used for food, clothing, and entertainment. A lot of people say they are vegan for the animals. You can be too.

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