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Here are 7 Creative and Talented Vegan Foodies From Ukraine on Instagram

While we are facing the Ukrainian war from the distance, the residents of the country are in pain and are suffering. What we can do is welcome refugees that come into our countries and seek shelter. We can also donate to organizations that are fighting on the frontline. Here is another gesture that can possibly have an impact and help people struggling in Ukraine. Follow these 7 vegan foodies from Ukraine on Instagram and express support and love. You can also connect and ask if they need anything…

  1. Veganua posts delicious local vegan Ukrainian dishes cooked at home and in restaurants and cafes around the country.
vegan foodies from Ukraine on Instagram - veganua

2. Irynababatio is a Plant-based Vegan Chef who is passionate about tasty and healthy dishes.

3. Vegan_family_ukraine is vegan since April 2016 and promotes peace & health on our plates.

4. Live_and_lite loves to make raw vegan and gluten-free desserts without sugar.

5. Veganukraine are proud vegans advocating for animal welfare and are searching for the best vegan spots in Kyiv, Ukraine.

6. Slavic.vegan is a vegan recipe developer who enjoys traveling and enjoying life.

7. Life_of_one_owl is a vegan who loves animals and promotes life without eating animals.

Even though some post only Ukrainian language, we can use Google translator or send them a message in English if we want to reach out. Follow these vegan foodies from Ukraine on Instagram now and make a difference.

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Hi, I’m Petra and for most of my life, I was an omnivore. A vegan couple made me curious about veganism, so I did some research. What I found out about the animals, our planet, and the health benefits of a vegan diet made me go vegan overnight. It’s been 5 years now and it’s been one of the best decisions of my life.

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