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3 Ways to Find the Best Vegan Food Near Me

Traveling as a vegan can be tricky. We often wonder, how to find vegan food near me. If we want to eat out often, we usually plan our trip around where we will be able to eat good vegan food. Eating out is one of the biggest challenges of veganism. But the world is changing as more, veganism is on the rise, and more restaurants are becoming vegan-friendly.

Some cities such as London, LA, and Tel Aviv, have lots of options and you won’t have to plan in detail. But some smaller or rural places in the world don’t have a lot of vegan options. You will have to be more creative when planning your trip there. This article will help you search for great vegan or vegan-friendly food and restaurants near you.

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Google search: Vegan food near me

This is probably the most used option and first choice of most people planning their trip. If you type “Vegan food near me” or “Vegan restaurants near me” in the Google search you will find lots of great options near you.

But you must share your location with Google, so the search engine knows where you are currently. If you are not at the location yet just type in “Vegan food in London” for example.

Happy cow

The Happy cow app and website are very popular in the vegan community. It is updated by users and very accurate. Users review restaurants and stores and post photos of the food.

Sometimes it is hard to find restaurants that are vegan-friendly in Google search, but Happy cow helps you find them. They also suggest vegan places based on your location, so it is quite easy to find vegan food and restaurants near you.

Facebook groups

If you are a Facebook user, you can join local vegan groups. Type “Vegan London” in the search bar, then choose groups and you will find very informative groups.

Members of these groups are usually very helpful if you ask for recommendations, and you can use the search bar in the group to find relevant posts about vegan food and restaurants near your location.

More tips on how to find vegan food near you while traveling

When you’re vegan, traveling can sometimes be a challenge. But with a little bit of planning, it’s definitely doable. Here are some tips for finding vegan food when you’re on the road.

1. Check out local vegan meetups and restaurants. If you’re traveling to a large city, chances are there are already some great vegan options available.

Do a quick search online for local vegan meetups or restaurants. This is a great way to connect with other vegans in the area and get some recommendations for where to eat.

2. Ask around at hotels and hostels. If you’re staying in a hotel or hostel, ask the staff if they know of any good vegan-friendly places nearby. They may even have some menus or pamphlets for you to take with you.

3. Look for vegetarian and vegan symbols on restaurant menus. Many restaurants these days are starting to label their vegan dishes with symbols or special markings. This makes it much easier to spot vegan-friendly options at a glance.

4. Scan the menu for plant-based ingredients. Even if a restaurant doesn’t specifically label its vegan dishes, you can often find vegan-friendly options by scanning the menu for plant-based ingredients. Common vegan staples like beans, rice, tofu, and vegetables are usually pretty easy to spot.

5. Ask the waiter or chef for help. If you’re still having trouble finding anything that looks vegan-friendly, don’t be afraid to ask the waiter or chef for help. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

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Key takeaways

Hopefully, your trip is pleasant and full of delicious vegan food. Don’t forget to rate the restaurants you found on Google when searching “vegan food near me”, leave a review on Happy cow, and maybe even post some photos in the Facebook group you joined.

These things will make planning trips easier for the people that will travel to the same places after you. With these tips in mind, you should have no problem finding vegan food when you’re traveling. Just remember to plan ahead and be prepared, and you’ll be good to go.

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