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5 Delicious Vegan Easter Dinner Menu Ideas That Will Make You Over-Joyed

Family gatherings can be stressful for vegans as the topic of veganism is often the elephant in the room. And not only that, but the food is also the center of most holidays. Are you thinking about a vegan Easter dinner? A classic Easter dinner table has ham, lamb, and other meat and dairy dishes. Obviously, someone eating a meat-and-dairy-free diet won’t eat that. Luckily, we have several Vegan Easter dinner recipe ideas that will impress your family members.

The recipes below are simple, tasty, and most importantly vegan. If you’re in a dilemma about what to eat at Easter, try these recipes and make everyone happy. 

The perfect vegan Easter dinner menu scenario

Your guests are starting to show up. Days pass by so fast so we’re thankful for the time we get to spend together. As they all gather around the table, you open the dinner with a lovely appetizer, deviled tomatoes. They probably wonder… Are the deviled tomatoes with eggs? Isn’t this a vegan Easter dinner? Surprise, surprise. They are made with vegan mayonnaise, nutritional yeast, and chickpeas. You continue to delight your guest with a warm Roasted Carrot, Apple, and Celery Soup. The vibrant color of the soup is inviting them to try the delicious taste of something new. Can they guess what the ingredients are? Who would have thought that an apple and celery go so well together? Delicious!

By now they are probably impressed by your menu. But now it’s time for the main dish of your vegan Easter dinner. An easy creamy vegan risotto with mushrooms and peas. The perfect healthy and flavorful comfort food. And there’s no main dish without a fresh salad next to it. This nutritious radish salad is a wonderful side to your creamy risotto. Hopefully, your guests aren’t too full for a special dessert. Finnish this lovely dinner with a sweet vegan strawberry cheesecake. This will be the final cherry on the top and will definitely impress your visitors.  

Easter and veganism

On Easter Sunday, many churches organize special services to commemorate Jesus Christ’s resurrection after his crucifixion. Many people decorate eggs as well. These can be hard-boiled eggs to be eaten later, but they can also be plastic, chocolate, candy, or other materials model eggs. Vegans can paint plastic or craft eggs and decorate them with stickers.

Of course, the wonderful thing about Easter is that it’s not just reserved for Christians. It’s a time when many families across the world will come together to celebrate, no matter what their religious practice or beliefs are. And whether you’re a Christian and vegan or not, hopefully, everyone will be able to find something you can enjoy.

vegan easter dinner menu without eggs and other animal products

In the end, it seems that you don’t have to worry too much. I hope that this post has given you some inspiration and that these delicious vegan recipes will help you enjoy the holiday just as much as everyone else. While many people will be consuming meat at Easter, you can easily find vegan alternatives to a wide range of dishes on their plates. And with these suggestions, you could have the perfect cruelty-free Easter feast.

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