A milk production factory can cross-contaminate vegan products

Are Products That May Contain Milk Vegan? 1 Clear Answer that Makes Vegans Happy

The core characteristic of the vegan lifestyle is to exclude all animal products from your diet. It also involves abstaining from consuming any product that is made or tested on animals. Are products that May contain milk vegan? Consuming products that “may contain milk” is vegan as they do not contain milk and you are not boosting the demand for milk by purchasing it.

A couple reading may contain milk vegan labels when grocery shopping

Are products that may contain milk vegan?

‘May contain milk’ indicates that a product may include traces of milk because of being processed on the same equipment as other milk-containing goods. Due to the possibility of cross-contamination, it is mandatory by law to mark such items for those with severe allergies. These products are vegan since you are not boosting the demand for milk by purchasing it.

Should I avoid May contain milk vegan products?

Consuming otherwise vegan items that “may contain x” will not assist to avoid animal abuse. Boycotting such products just tells businesses that there is a limited demand for vegan products. This can result in prompting them to shift even more of their manufacturing to items containing animal products.

However, if you have a severe allergy to a certain ingredient, this label may indicate that the product is not suitable for you. The presence of dairy ingredients in food can be an issue for those with lactose intolerance or with an allergy to milk protein.

Sometimes manufacturers add whey protein or other dairy ingredients to their products as a cheap filler. And often because they think consumers will find these ingredients appealing. Such additions are rarely necessary and/or useful, but they can make life more difficult for vegans and those on dairy-free diets.

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