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The Popular Makeup Brands That Test on Animals in 2022

Animal testing is the norm in our society. We use animals to test drugs, makeup, and lots of different things. There are numerous makeup brands that test on animals today. Their lives don’t matter, right?

A tiny mouse in a lab used for makeup brands that test on animals

No. Their lives absolutely matter. They are sentient beings and using their bodies so we can create another mascara is completely unnecessary. There is no need for animal-tested cosmetics when we have other options available. The thing is, in China animal testing is mandatory for foreign cosmetics, therefore makeup brands that want to sell on the Chinese market must test their products on animals.

Animals involved in cosmetics testing spend lonely, harsh lives dedicated to suffering for the sake of these tests. Scientists feed them artificial amounts of drugs in order to search for symptoms of cancer, birth abnormalities, or other health risks. To check sensitivity, chemicals are poured into their eyes and rubbed onto their skin. They are subjected to “lethal dose” experiments, in which they are forced to ingest enormous amounts of a chemical in order to estimate the quantity that would kill them. The animals are killed when the experiments are completed. As veganism is an ethical stand to minimize the harm we do to animals, we choose products that are cruelty-free and do not support the brands below.

Makeup brands that test on animals

Here are some of the most known makeup brands that are not cruelty-free in 2022.

  • L’Oréal
  • MAC
  • Lancôme
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Shiseido
  • Sephora Collection
  • Maybelline
  • Revlon
  • Dior
  • Mary Kay
  • Max Factor
  • Chanel
  • Giorgio Armani

Cruelty-free makeup brands

On the other hand, there are makeup brands that have deserved the cruelty-free badge. Here are a few:

  • e.l.f.
  • Primark
  • Catrice
  • Ardell
  • Makeup Revolution
  • The ordinary

Check out this video of Ralph, the spokes-bunny of Humane Society International’s global campaign to ban animal testing for cosmetics.

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