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If You Do Not Know Any Other Vegans in Real Life, Read These 3 Easy Tips

I am a vegan and do not know any other vegans. I have never met another vegan in real life.

This confession was a semi-regular occurrence during my early days of being vegan. I came to realize how common it is for vegans to not know any other vegans. It’s hard to find the exact number of vegans in the world but estimates show there are somewhere around 6% of people who claim they are vegan. The number is growing but it’s still very possible that vegans only know 1-2 vegans or don’t know any at all. 

It’s not easy or fun to be the only vegan in your surroundings but it is possible. To be honest, I was vegan for almost 3 years before I found out there were other vegans in my area. Even when I did find other vegans, the vast majority of them were not people I could hang out with regularly. I know how frustrating this can be. You feel isolated and alone to “go against the grain” when it comes to diet and lifestyle choices. It’s like you’re the only person on earth to have ever decided to go vegan.

Some people can cope with this isolation pretty well, but for others, it can be heartbreaking – especially for those who struggle with their new lifestyle. It can be hard to be the only vegan in your friend group or family.

It’s even harder if you don’t know any vegans in real life, especially when you first make the switch to veganism.

People often say that vegans are so passionate about veganism simply because we haven’t been doing it for long enough. They claim that once we have been vegan for years and years we will calm down and not care as much about animals, the environment, or our health. They think that we are just young and naive and that we will soon learn from “experience” that our lifestyle is unsustainable and unnecessary. And if you are surrounded by naysayers, it’s hard to live the vegan life, you have chosen.

But here’s a little secret: you aren’t alone.

The number of vegans is growing incredibly fast and even if you do not know any other vegans personally yet, there are more vegan-friendly people than you think.

Some people think that if you do not know any other vegans, there is no point in being one. They think they can’t be vegan without support, community, and a social network. This is not true at all. It may seem that way sometimes because many vegans are very passionate about their lifestyle and do everything to promote it but becoming a vegan does not require any community or support group to begin with.

What can I do if I do not know any other vegans?

There are a few ways you can meet like-minded people, get support and advice, and feel less isolated as a vegan. It’s easy to be vegan in a city like Los Angeles, New York, or London because it’s so trendy right now that you can find like-minded people everywhere. But what if you live in a small town or somewhere where there are no other people like you? It’s not easy but you can do it. Here are some tips to help you feel more comfortable with your choice and hopefully find some like-minded people.

The best way to connect with other people and make new friends is through common interests. You can find like-minded people by joining discussion boards, Facebook groups, organizing Meetups, and so on, but it’s also great to have a hobby or a sport that you enjoy doing because that’s another way to meet people.

Here are some ideas for activities if you do not know any other vegans. These may help you meet more vegans:

  • Join a gym: This is a great way to meet other health-conscious people. It also allows you to work out with your new friends.
  • Go hiking, running, or biking: If you like going outside and being active then this is a good option for you. There are lots of online communities that organize group runs or hikes.
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter or rescue center.
two vegans who do not know any other vegans meetup at the beach at sunset

And remember, be confident in your choice. It’s the most important thing to have when you are vegan. When people ask you about your diet, about why did you decide to become a vegan (I was asked this question so many times), don’t be shy to explain yourself. People are curious and they want to know. I always try to answer their questions kindly and explain to them my reasons for being a vegan. If there is no hostility in their questions, I gladly talk about veganism.

People will ask questions, they will challenge your choice, they will point out how hard it is, etc. Be prepared for it. Be ready with good answers that will show them how logical and reasonable your choice is. Do your research – this will prepare you better for these conversations and help you grow as a person who wants to. And you never know when a person who you’re talking to becomes your new friend.

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