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Are Crayola Markers Vegan? Here is the Surprising Answer

Many people have grown up using Crayola products and have great memories of using them during their artistic activities. The brand is ingrained into our culture. But over the years, a question came up, are Crayola markers vegan? What we found out is not good news for vegans.

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Are Crayola markers vegan?

Even though Crayola markers are not tested on animals, they are made using animal products. If a product is made from animal products or is tested on animals, it is not vegan. Therefore, Crayola markers are not vegan.

The ink of the markers is made of water and dyes. The dyes formula is a trade secret, but research has shown it may contain beef fat or stearic acid from cow fat. The company itself has stated that animal by-products are present in several Crayola products.

Markers in general contain everything from gelatins, bone char, cow’s milk, beeswax, honey, insect shells, and eggs. So it is not easy to find vegan markers.

The best Crayola markers vegan alternatives

If you are looking for vegan markers, sadly we don’t have an answer that will make you happy. After long research, we haven’t found any brand that would declare their markers vegan.

We will update this article as we find a brand selling vegan markers. Until then, please let us know if you know any!

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